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Eugenie de Sade (1974)

Eugenie de Sade (1974)
-Eugenie de Sade (1974)-
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Director: Jesus Franco | Country: France | Language: English | Subtitle: none
Genre: Drama, Thriller-

Eugenie, a beautiful but shy young girl, lives with her stepfather, a famous writer specializing in stories of erotica. One day she happens to read one of his "erotic" books and its power so affects her that begins to find herself sexually attracted to her stepfather. He notices this, and eventually brings her into his dark world of sexual perversion and murder. 

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Franco's finest hour

This is my favorite film directed by the alternately brilliant and seemingly talentless Jesus (Jess) Franco. I had already seen a good many of his films and this one stood out as the best of the lot. Since then I've seen over a hundred of his movies, and EUGENIE DE SADE still strikes me as being his masterpiece.

Soledad Miranda gives the performance of her short career as the naive innocent who is drawn into her stepfather's web of violence and eroticism. The stepfather, played by Franco favorite Paul Muller, is an unforgettable character and Muller's performance is outstanding. Everyone in the cast pulls their weight, and I can't help but feel that Franco assumed the role of the control freak in order to extract the performances for this project.

It's a bleak, bloody affair that is highly stylized, atmospheric and dramatically impressive. It's also the perfect marriage of Franco's polished visual style (typically employed when he's working on De Sade adaptations) and his outrageous, experimental visual approach (usually evident in the movies he shot in a handful of days). In short, it looks great and the music is impressive as well. Frankly, it's a gem, and I believe it's one of the finest horror films of the 1970s. 



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